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Why is the size of my breasts getting smaller after breastfeeding, and even smaller than it was during pregnancy?

Women’s breasts consist of fat and milk tissues. During pregnancy, milk is produced in the breast, making the milk tissues full and making the breasts enlarge in volume. Bigger breasts automatically weigh more, so they sag. After breastfeeding ends, milk is not produced anymore, causing the milk tissues empty and the breasts are smaller in size. The breasts return to their former size. But because the breasts are not held well during their enlarging size, so when they return to their former size, they appear to be even smaller than those before pregnancy. To avoid this, a breast care is essential during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What kind of care is needed by pregnant and breastfeeding women?

At the 7th month of pregnancy in which women’s weights are stable, breasts are also stable in volume. Those women’s breasts can be measured to start wearing Elling bra. Indeed, the size is different than that before pregnancy. Elling bra makes the breasts ready filled with milk and maintains the breast tissues stable. The heavier the breasts, the easier they become saggy, because breasts do not have muscles to hold the breast position against gravitation. So, a breast holder is needed. Elling bra holds breasts in a very excellent way, the unelastic straps hold breasts against gravitation. Supported by the curved cup design made of thick cotton to hold, the breasts are just like held by hands – so that the breasts will be still in position. Therefore, when the breasts enlarge because of milk, breast tissues stability is held to it will not sag. When the milk tissues dry because the breastfeeding period is over, the breast tissues will stay excellent. And when they start becoming smaller, re-measure to get the proper bra size for your breasts.

My breasts are not firm and sag, can Elling Bra help to fix the condition?

Without any doubt, the firmness and the elasticity of your breasts can be recovered. Elling bra is designed to gather and hold breast fat that is already around the breast. So if this fat is gathered to the bra cup area, your breasts will soon get their beauty.

My nipples do not stick out, so it is hard for my babies to breastfeed. Can Elling bra make my nipples stick out?

Elling bra can make your nipples stick out. It can also help inverted nipples to be whole again. When you wear Elling bra, the breast fat that is spread over around the breast will be gathered to the bra cups area, so that the nipples will stick out.

How can Elling Bra help to enlarge breasts?

Elling Bra is designed to fix the breast structure. The improper use of bra makes the breast fat tissues move away around the breast area (under the armpits, stomach, even back). With Elling bra, because the breasts are held from 4 directions, the dispersed fat tissues will be gathered into the bra cups. Elling Bra cups is designed to hold breasts so that the fat tissues are gathered, so that the volume will increase.

How can Elling bra reduce the size of breasts?

Relatively big breasts are usually not elastic and sag. By using Elling bra, the breast structure will be improved as if it is recreated because the bra cups are the holders to “create” breasts. Unelastic breasts will become elastic, the sagging breasts will become firm. The processes happen slowly and naturally.

How do I take care of my breasts?

To take a good care of your breasts, you need to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Besides, external care for your breasts, wearing the proper size of bra, is also important. Improper sizes affect the form of the breasts. Too small bra cups push the breasts, so the fat tissues will be dispersed and the breasts will become flat. In contrary, too big bra cups will make the breasts sag. So wearing the proper size is important, so that all breast tissues will be held in the bra cups.

My breasts are really small, I even cannot fill in Cup A-. Can Elling bra help me to enlarge my breasts?

Our measurers have to see the condition of your breasts, so that we know the answer whether Elling bra can help enlarge your breasts. There is a chance that your breasts are small, but the fat tissues, the tissues to form breasts, are around your breasts. If you wear Elling bra regularly, the fat tissues will be gathered in the bra cups to form your breasts.

When can a woman start wearing Elling Bra?

Elling Bra can be worn right when the breast growth is stable (around 16 – 17 years old). Since then, women can always wear Elling bra, to maintain the breast health and beauty.

My breasts are big and make me uncomfortable when wearing slimfit T-shirts. Can Elling bra reduce my breasts?

Elling Bra provides cups to hold the size of breasts so that the breast tissues are held and gathered in the cups and reduce shaking. This makes the wearers comfortable and confident, and improves beauty. The proper use of Elling bra can lift up breasts and accustom breast position to be proportional, so that slowly you will surely get beautiful, firm, elastic, and ideal breasts.

My breasts are small, now after giving birth they are even smaller. Can Elling bra fix it?

Small breasts are even getting smaller if not taken care properly. The breast tissues do not only sag, but can also disperse to area near armpirts and even back. Taking care of your breasts by wearing the proper size of Elling bra can position your breast tissues in the right position to help you get your proportional breasts.

After I have proportional breasts, is it necessary to keep wearing Elling Bra?

Of course. Every woman who wants to keep the beauty of their breasts has to take care of them, which means they need to keep wearing bra. Always wear the proper size of bra.

Is Elling Bra really safe and without side effects?

Elling Bra is recommended by the doctors who are experts in the field of healthy breasts, so Elling bra is safe and gives no side effects at all. Elling bra is made of perfect materials for tropical climated Indonesia. Elling bra also enables air circulation during the wear. The straps and the closure can be adjustable as the wearers wish (e.g.: wearers with asthma, heart disorder, allergies, overweight, humpback, etc), so the wearers do not need to worry about the comfort of Elling bra.

Is Elling Bra sold per piece?

We expect the best result for our customers. To get proportional and beautiful breasts, regular wear is necessary, so Eling bra is sold per pair (2 bras).

Can I purchase Elling bra without any measurement?

Because Elling bra has a lot of sizes, we cannot sell them without prior measurement process. We do not expect improper sizes. Improper sizes do not bring good effects. Please kindly visit our nearest store, or kindly contact us, we will send Elling bra measurers right to your address.

Can I be measured at home/ the office?

If you cannot reach any of the Elling Bra stores, we can send our fitting team to you. Please inform us the address where you want to be measured (at home or at the office) so that we can make sure if your address is reachable by our team. Before we send the fitting team to your address, you need to give us your personal information such as age, height, weight, marital status and number of your children. From the information, we can predict what sizes of Elling bra will fit you the best. We have more than 50 sizes, so it is impossible to bring all. This service is only for Jakarta and surrounding areas.